Lanzarope is the manifest of a traveler's diary. Inspired by our designer's numerous trips, Malika found the tools to transcribe her passion for jewelry. During her stay in Lanzarote, she imagined the designs of what would soon become her brand. The whole concept is about connecting and getting to know people. Conscious that "reality is always bigger than what we think", Malika wanted a symbol to invite people to think outside of the box. 

With her interchangeable ropes, she crystalizes the essence of the brand which is all about virtuous encounters. Filled woth gratitud towards the places where she has been, she shares her story through her brand.

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Malika Benshila

Malika Benshila is the founder of Lanzarope. In 2006 she launched Pink Heater agency, a ONE-STOP agency of reference to discover trendsetting international talents. Pink Heater partners with the world's most incredible brands and provides accessories selection at its finest. Giving you the access to everything from stackable to ONE-OF-A-KIND pieces. 

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At Lanzarope, mix and match is omnipresent in the games of assembly of colors and materials, like the fine white and yellow gold hoop earrings adorned with a double knot. As for the precious stones, they are magnified by the tilings and ingenious embeddings which, through their curves, respect the uniqueness of the gems. All jewelry pieces are made by hand in Italy.

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